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Our Organization

Non-Profit Status

Our organization is a tax-exempt, qualified charitable organization under the requirements of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). The Augusta Jewish Museum is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.

The Augusta Jewish Museum complies with IRS regulations for public inspection and disclosure of certain organization documents. Please direct your inquiries by mail to:

The Augusta Jewish Museum

PO Box 14279

Augusta, Ga 30919

For a general discussion of the federal income tax deduction for charitable contributions, see IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, at

The Augusta Jewish Museum's Board of Directors

Jack Steinberg (OBM)  - Founding President and Historian of the Augusta Jewish Museum, established in 2015

Jack Weinstein - President 
Nathan Jolles - Vice President/Legal Advisor 
Traci George - Acting Secretary
Bonnie Lee Ruben - Treasurer

Dr. Jackie Cohen - Display Committee Lead

Judith Giri - Programming Committee Lead, Educational Coordinator

M. Steven Fishman - Building/Security Maintenance

Alena Rensch - Interim Collections Manager/Display Committee

Renee Reynolds - Grant Management

Rabbi David Sirull - Jewish Traditions Advisor
Jay Conison - Fundraising Support

Ashley Hock-Smith - Marketing Support

AJM Staff, Volunteers, and Ex Officio Advisors 

Angela Russo - Museum Manager

Erick Montgomery - Executive Director Historic Augusta

Lynn Simon Fleischer -- Archivist, Historian 

Robyn Wittenberg Dudley – Volunteer Publicity and Outreach Manager

John A Kauth - Volunteer Web designer, Graphic Artist 

Joseph Sloan - Archival Intern

Mark Albertin, LeeAnn Caldwell – Videographer, Historian

Jeff Huff, Mal Hand - Volunteer Videographers

Francine Klensin, Michael Cohen, Judi Giri – Volunteer Display Team Contributors

Jan Reeves Greene, Jahaan Pandey, Darryl DeGroat - Volunteer Researchers and Docents

Dale Toporek - Donor Support

Karel Copenhaver (OBM) - Founding Board Member and Donor

Susan Steinberg (OBM) - Former Board Member and Donor

Privacy Policy

The Augusta Jewish Museum does not share or distribute member information to third parties obtained through our Contact Us page or otherwise provided to our organization.

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