The Plan 

When we first heard in 2015 that the city planned to tear down the Temple to build parking, a group of Jewish people and a group from Historic Augusta LLC immediately took action.

Together, we began attending City Council meetings and presented a plan for the Temple. Instead of demolishing it, we asked the Council to let us turn the buildings into a museum that would honor the integrity of the structure while providing a future gathering place for the Augusta Jewish community, as well as educating the public on our significant history in Augusta.

The city finally agreed and gave us five years to raise the funds and open the Augusta Jewish Museum.

In order for us to reach our goal, we need to raise $1,788,805.00. These funds will include construction costs plus a 20% contingency, architectural services, furniture, fixtures, displays, equipment, startup, and operating costs, and 5% interest over 4 years. Because we have been given 5 years to complete the entire project, we are asking our generous donors to pay one-fifth of their pledges in each of the next five years.

The Augusta Jewish Museum won't be just for the Augusta Jewish community. It is our hope and vision that it will be a gathering place for everyone. The ground floors of the old Court of the Ordinary and the Synagogue will be the museum. The upper story will be restored and will provide an outstanding venue for gatherings of all types.

After the year 2021, the projected opening for the museum, we have estimated the total operating cost of the museum each year will be $185,000. We have also projected a total income of the museum of $185,000 per year. This will come from annual membership dues, profits from the gift shop and special events, annual fundraisers, and income from grants

Many local Jewish people and certainly all local non-Jewish people know little about the history of the Augusta area Jews and the Jewish community. Please contribute to this project so that we can tell our story and preserve our history.

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